Here you are at your favorite café, enjoying your morning coffee, using your laptop and your iDevice and you would like to get a refill on that coffee.  Do you dare leave your devices?  What if someone decided to grab one of them and head toward the door?

Here’s something that can keep your items safe.  If someone grabs your iDevice because it looks like an easy score, at that moment that they take it, a loud, annoying alarm will be heard by all around. When your device is unplugged without permission, that’s the sound it will make. The noise comes from your computer, which has the PadLock app installed. This little app, developed by Kitchen Budapest, is a free and open source application that can be downloaded directly from their website. This will give you the security you need.

The only thing you might consider when using this app is not to use earphones. If ear buds are plugged in, the alarm will not be heard because it uses the laptop’s loudspeakers. Another issue is the use of the password protection. At this time, the software doesn’t offer password protection, so this means anyone can stop the alarm if they have access to the computer. One solution to this issue is that you can use your screen lock if you are using your computer for a few minutes.