The Guitar Hero by Activision for the iPhone was launched during the WWDC 2010. The aim of the game is fun, and I have to say, that the developers managed to launch a tool that will entertain you to the maximum.

You might think that since the touchscreen is about tapping, Guitar Hero will be a game that enriches the list of the games for the iPhone. Well, the Activision game is more than that. There is an arrow pointing right or left to show you that you need to tap the note at the beginning of the arrow. After you tap the note, you must slide your finger to where that arrow ends. And, it all happens pretty quickly. You may also find that two or more notes are connected by lines. This is when tapping and sliding work together again.  You tap the first note and then slide your finger to the next one. The trick is – if you don’t want to hear the strange sounds indicating that you have made a mistake – make sure your finger reaches each note connected in the line in proper time, according to the beat of the song.

The help on the app is really useful. You will find screenshots that show you what you need alongside the proper description. You will find that a vertical line means you need to hold down the note until the line ends. The app has a long list of how-to advice. This app has to be experienced.

Pay attention to the notes that have stars on them. By hitting those notes, star power will be added to you. The blue bar on the right of the screen will inform you about your star power status.

Near customization, the Guitar hero includes a total of 6 tracks, and if you want to purchase more you can download a song pack for $1.99. The application is available in the App Store for only $2.99.