There’s a new app in town: made by RideCharge Inc, it’s called Taxi Magic. iPhone makes it available for free in its app store, and now finding a taxi is easier than ever: no more scrambling for yellow pages (if any are even available), or wondering if you should call information without a recommended taxi service name at the ready.

Using GPS technology, Taxi Magic ascertains your whereabouts in the world, and Instantly reveals the cab companies closest to you. Should you be out of service range for any local taxi service companies, Taxi Magic then allows you to go into a browsing functionality. You can go down the list of closest available services and hand select the company or companies of your choice to call. There’s even a select number of locations in the United States that will do the booking for you! Then you’ll simply be updated once the cab driver’s made it to your location.

Services expand from there: more cities will gradually become available for the booking service, and you can also choose to register your credit card information with the service. Now, that’s magic!