Apple recently announced that it is going to start its own advertising service called iAd, which it will release on July1, 2010. This is for developers who run apps on iOS, and it can be used to run ads on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The reason for the supposed investigation concerns a change Apple made to its agreements. First, it says that user data can only taken with the user’s permission, which is nothing new, but it also says that the data can only be given out to an independent advertising service, which focuses mainly on providing mobile ads.

Though these words may sound innocent, it basically says that app developers for the iPhone cannot use any other services that make mobile devices, operating systems and advertisements. Other companies that do this include Google and Microsoft, and it appears as if they have been specifically targeted by Apple. Apple claims that they only want to protect their users, and that they are not trying to reduce their competition. Nonetheless, many people have lashed out against the new wording, saying that it could also hurt consumers.

This type of wording could possibly violate the law, but it is still unclear whether it actually does or not because some people claim that to break the law Apple must be harming consumers as well as other companies. The investigation into whether Apple has violated the law will be carried out by either the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission.