Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, and Three will all offer the iPhone. Now the country has five different service providers that will carry the iPhone. This is a big difference from the United States, where consumers are limited to one service provider—AT&T. All five United Kingdom providers are GSM, which means Global System for Mobile Communications. The GSM phones are easier to use all over the world. The United States does not have many GSM providers, and currently only AT&T and T-Mobile are part of this group.

All of these providers will release the phone on June 24, 2010, and Three has announced that it will begin taking preorders on June 15, 2010. The United Kingdom is on the same schedule as the United States when it comes to release dates. This is one of Apple’s fastest releases yet.

These providers could bring changes to the prices of the iPhone in the United Kingdom. Also, some of them, like O2, are changing their data plans. They, like AT&T, have gotten rid of the unlimited data plan, and limited the highest data option to 1 GB. This has happened with a number of providers because very few people actually use more than that. The other option is for 500MB of data, which is still much more than the average person uses, according to O2.

As of now, the citizens of the United Kingdom will have more options when it comes to buying an iPhone later this month than the citizens of the United States will.