A group called iFixYouri recently managed to acquire a new iPhone 4 enclosure. This means that they only have a case, but it doesn’t have any of the internal components that make the phone work. Though they did not reveal how they came to possess the enclosure, they are claiming that it isn’t very durable because the glass screen shattered after a short fall. They dropped the enclosure three times from around three feet in the air, and then it broke, completely shattering the glass front.

The results cannot be seen as conclusive, however, because the group didn’t do any other tests to see whether the screen would have held up better if it was a complete phone and not just an enclosure. The group did not release information concerning what type of surface the phone was dropped on either.

Apple claimed the other week that the new iPhone is more durable because the front and the back are made with aluminosilcate glass, which is many times stronger than plastic. Apple is now selling phone protectors, and this is the first time they have ever released their own set of protectors. This product is called a Bumper.

The group claims that while the new material might be stronger, it cannot withstand short, violent drops. The iPhone 4 was announced a few weeks ago, and it will go on sale on June 24th.  Consumers will be able to pre-order the new iPhone on the 15th of June.