With the launch of the fourth generation iPhone, video calling has entered another dimension. No more hiding behind plain and simple voice calls, it’s time for you to show your face while you are making a phone call.

This is how FaceTime breaks down the walls of communication. Our voice can tell so much, but what about the faces? We want to see the faces of the people who we love most. FaceTime makes this possible by bringing those dear faces close to iPhone 4 users.

It requires no setup, and it works on both landscape and portrait. And, the most exciting thing is that you can share your experience with the person who is on the other end by the back camera. The front facing camera is to see you; and the back camera is for the other person to see what you are seeing.

It supports h.264, AAC, SIP, STUN. Right now FaceTime is Wi-Fi only and it will be that way through 2010, but Apple will work together with the carriers to enable support over 3G in the future.