If you are expecting a baby now or plan to have one in the future, What to Expect When Expecting is the application for you. This app comes from the save people who popularized the best-selling book by the same name.  The iPhone app is now available to keep tracking your pregnancy.

When you open the Pregnancy Tracker you will see the home screen, the “tracker” where you will see all the information about your due date, a countdown to your due date, details about the trimester you’re in, the baby’s gestational age and a way to compare your baby’s size.

The other 4 tabs are Weekly, Daily, Photos and Forums. The Weekly tab informs you about your body, what to expect from it, the changes you are experiencing or upcoming changes, and further information about your baby’s development. This tab gives you lots of info that you will want to know.

The Daily tab may soon become your favorite part of the app, because the Pregnancy Tracker from WhatToExpect.com has these tips, facts and reminders every day.  This is a feature that similar apps don’t provide.

The Photos tab is for the photos you will make. You can ask your husband or friends to take pictures every day of your pregnancy and you can store the photos on your iPhone to see how your body changes week after week.

The Forums tab is great when you want to communicate with others about your pregnancy and want to ask questions about their experience. Every pregnant woman has lots of questions so the forum is the place where you can meet Moms and expectant Moms who can share their experiences and can talk with about your specific joys, concerns and questions.

The Pregnancy Tracker from WhatToExpect.com is free to download, so start downloading right now.