If you are looking for a game that will keep you occupied for hours, Galactic Untangle by Alexandre Minard is the game for you. As you open the app you can choose a level that fits you, and each level has a different bunch of points connected by lines. What you have to do is move the points around until there are no lines crossing. In other words, you have a graph in front of you and you have to rearrange the vertices, until you can’t see any edge crossing another one. This very simple yet entertaining game is not as easy as it sounds. The levels increase in difficulty, so at the beginning you will find some levels where you can solve the line problem quickly, but as you progress the graphs become more complicated and much more difficult.

The modes available in the app are two: free mode and challenge mode. The difference between the two modes is that in ‘free mode’ you aren’t stressed with the timing, and you solve the lines at your own pace, taking your time. In other words it’s relaxation and fun. The second mode, ‘challenge mode’ adds stress, and it makes the game more challenging. In this mode, you are timed, and you can submit your score to the world. You might be asked for your name, but the world scoreboard won’t display your name. This can be annoying for those who try hard to be the first ones and hold a few of the records.

The iPad screen makes the app look cool, and the great design and simplicity make Galactic Untangle a great game that will give your brain some exercise for only $1.99.