Imagine a utility shop where you can have everything for one cent. Yes, you got it right, only one cent. This is the AppTools 100 in 1 by GP Imports. It lets iDevice users enjoy the benefits of one hundred apps in one place.

As you might think there are many useful and many crappy applications built into the AppTools. They are at your fingertips and the only thing you must do is select the tool you want and use it. It’s exactly like a dollar store. You enter and you get lots of stuff for just a dollar. You can leave the store carrying hundreds of shopping bags or you can choose the ones the meet your needs and leave the rest.

AppTools 100 in 1 offer lots of funny and useful apps. There are ones that turn your iPhone into an electronic level, a language translator or a baby monitor. There are photo applications, loan calculators, Morse Code apps and dice rollers. And the list continues with crazy apps like Clap Lamp or Flashlight Pro. Both of them do essentially the same thing; clap your hands and the screen goes all white.

Other useful applications are the ones that let you change your email’s background and monitor your battery. Music cannot be missing from this application factory. There is a radio application that lets you pick up dozens of radio stations so you can choose your favorite.

However, something is missing from the AppTools 100 in 1. The instructions are missing. Some applications are easy to follow and you get the idea fast, but there are some that require instructions.

Although the application works with an iPad or iPod Touch there are lots of utilities that require a camera, so it’s better if you use it on your iPhone. For 99 cents, it is an app that offers value at a very reasonable price.