Net Application has reported that iPhone keeps dominating Android, and iPhone has enlarged its global share during May. iPhone registered a global share growth from 30.4% to 32.8%. However, wqwqwqwqwqAndroid registered a 0.9% growth also, increasing its global market share from 5.3% to 6.2%.

The continuous leader is Java ME with 40.04% of the global market share, but Android registered fast growth this month. Its share increased 17% month after month, and in the meantime the iPhone registered a slower rate of growth of only 8.25%. The Java ME domination can be explained by the fact that it is heavily used by other smartphones, like older ones, such as the Sony Ericsson, RIM or Nokia. The popularity of these manufacturers keeps Java ME in the top position, but the iPhone and Android gain popularity day after day, so it slowly has to share its market with these two powerful players.

Although other voices, such as the NPD report, say that Android sales were much better than the iPhone in the country, the truth is that this recent report published by Net Application contains much more objective information than the other report, which was “very limited” according to the report submitter, NPD.