Components said to belong to the fourth generation iPhone show a white external casing and a never before seen white back panel.

Pictures obtained by Powerbook Medic display both the front and back panels of the casing, and seem to confirm some of the previous suggestions regarding the iPhone. The front panel seems to be similar to pictures posted online awhile back, while the back panel featured space for a larger camera lens and a camera flash. These features are similar to those found in the black iPhone models that were publicly disassembled recently.

The front panel features room for a forward facing camera. However, the white back panel does not feature a model number and this could mean it is not a final product but merely a prototype. Furthermore, the panel does not feature any indication of storage capacity of the devise but the panel does show a slot for a micro-SIM card on the side.

While the new casings could mean Apple would give the new iPhone a color option for the front panel as well, any confirmation will have to wait for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next week.