The First & Only True Portable, Yet Functional iPad/iEverything Stand.

Straight out of the “Rainy State” of Washington, comes Movaic’s – iZel. A state of the art brilliantly designed Stand. But what else would you expect from the companies founder/owner John Bandringa. John is a designer by trade and his credentials demonstrate this very well. He is one of the cool-cats who was on the team that designed the VWs New “Beetle”. Being a recipient of the Gold IDSA Designs of the Decade , the design of the iZel would be a cake-walk for this man. His design went to not only the stand, but his packaging and even his marketing. Down to even the paperclip included in his press material screams professionalism and sophistication. When I had the pleasure to speak to John, I almost felt the need to don a tie again when speaking on the phone. This level of excellence finds its way to you by his iZel. The iZel in general use is a tri-point design where the iPad is placed into the 2 hook-scoops and then the back rests against the raised, upper back support which is what stabilizes the iPad.  The iZel, Was the winner of Pi’s Comparison test against 7 other stands reinforcing the claim that it is a product of amazing quality, durability, forethought, stability and delivery.

Constructed of industrial grade plastics and rubbers fused together which is called “Elastomer”, forms this one-piece stand which has no moving parts and bends only in three places without any creases. Looking like something found on Batmans’ utility belt, this stands design, look and construction are excellent. The design was also cleverly designed to have the front look exactly like the back. So it does not matter which sides you bend to form it because it’s the same in reverse. When flat and “Broken down” portability of this stand is a breeze. It wont fit in your pocket comfortably, but will be able to be easily slipped into any bag even if it is over-stuffed. Assembly is a breeze by bending the wings/arms toward you and bending the top flap down and inserting the wings/arms pegs into one of the two holes on each side, secures the stand. The large hook-scoops are generous in space to allow a secure hold on any iDevice and even (barely) a Mophie Juice Pack Air/iMaxPower IMP 130.  The look and feel are simply beautiful. High tech in looks, when flat the iZel look like a wierd stealth fighter or a bat-arang, extend the height adjuster it looks like a bird. Assembled into the stand it looks like a flat faced Mastadon. At certain angles it looks like a third party game controller for a PS or Xbox. All this with excellent viewing properties for your iPad. It comes in Black/Grey and now in new Pink/Grey.

While capable of easily supporting a portrait position for the iPhone, the iZel is not optimal in this capacity being somewhat unstable when tapping the screen can cause a tip. Landscape mode however is superlative.  However, for use with the iPad, this stand procures different results.  In its most reclined position, the iZel is simply useless for use with the iPad, with absolutely zero stability, but by extending the rear section to tilt it forward by only one notch provides an incredible functionality when in landscape mode and two notches for practical portrait use.  As a standard, I tend to use the iZel at an incline of two notches for both landscape and portrait.  This provides me an excellent angle to work with at about 20-25 degrees and can be be straightened out to a 3-5 degree angle.  The rear extension piece has a total of 6 settings.  The weight of the iPad itself is key here.  With its 1.5lb measure, the iPad seats itself firmly within the iZels loving embrace within its generously large hook-scoops which accepts the thickest of cases with a wink and a nod.  This creates an even greater form of stability which enables screen tapping an unfettered experience generating very little wobble and sway.

Tough does not describe this stand. It is nigh, indestructible. I kicked it around for 1/2 hr, nothing. I threw it at walls, nothing. I threw it at people, nothing. I threw it at my pet, the cat bolted out of the room and I cannot find her. I even gave it to my neighbors 3 yr old twins to play with for a day. Again, nothing. Mr. Bandringa even told me they boiled it and deep froze it, and it still came out functional. If you have any concern about this products longevity? Don’t, it will most likely out-live you, maybe even your kids. The iZel was really designed with flat surfaces in mind, but it does not do too badly on slightly irregular surfaces due to its larger foot print. It wont fit on your thigh right, but a couch or chair will suit it OK. Anything that is horrizontal and relatively flat will work. Do you need to watch your entertainment on your iDevice and have your hands free? The iZel will do the job and do it well.  However, this stand will not suit you to do intensive typing and/or work on the iPad as the angle limitation hinders this function. Otherwise, As a result the ubiquitous and universal use of the iZel stand becomes obvious and makes it stand out above all the others.  Combining this with it’s extreme portability is what makes this stand a must have.  This is a fine piece of equipment and definitely a worthwhile purchase even at the price of $24.95 which if you consider its versatility between devices and its ability to handle the iPad, makes this a steal.