Skype has some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you can call Skype to Skype on the AT&T 3G data network. Restrictions on cell data usage have eased, and AT&T has allowed VoIP apps to use its data network since October 2009. Skype had been silent since then until it came out with this update.

We tried out the updated Skype, and the quality was very good. We couldn’t tell the difference between the call using the app and the call using the AT&T voice network. So it’s time for you to download the update, because as long as you’re calling a conventional number, you’re not using your AT&T minutes; you’re using minutes from your Skype bucket. And tell your friends to download the update for free voice calls.

And nor for the bad news: You can only enjoy the free calls until August. After that, there will be a small monthly fee.

However, Skype 2.0 will help you save some money until August, and after that you can still have some saving, because you can have unlimited call in the US and Canada for only $2.99 a month, not $69.99 using the AT&T network.