Sources say that Google has to share the search option with Bing on the next generation iPhone.

Although this rumor is not yet confirmed, let’s take a look about what kind of info is available. The final word will be Steve Job’s during the upcoming WWDC, which is just a few days away. But still, something is happening, since Bing is finally preparing its bang. Maybe Microsoft and Apple are making peace? I don’t know.

What do we know is Google was Apple’s search partner from the very beginning. Techcruch first reported the Bing is going to replace Google entirely, but they later retracted that claim. Since the two companies have been partners for so long, it’s unlikely Apple would simply dump Google like that. It’s more complicated than that, as people from Techcrunch say. The thing is Apple and Microsoft are in discussion about the search option on iPhone. The partnership between Apple and Google has slowly transformed in rivalry. This could because because of Google entering in several markets, including mobile phones. Google’s Nexus One is a direct rival of the iPhone. Google even developed a competing operating system in Android.

A deal between Apple and Microsoft could result Bing as the main search engine, but Google will still remain as a search engine option. However, Apple offered users to search via two search engines: Google or Yahoo through the Safari browser.

In a few days we will know for sure: Bing will have its bang, or Google will pay another $100 million to Apple for retaining the default iPhone search engine provider title.  See you at WWDC!