The iPad and the iPhone are made for you to use your fingers to interact with them. But what happens if you are eating or doing some yard work or something else that makes your fingers really dirty. When your iDevice is ringing, or you have to write something on it immediately, will you run to the bathroom to wash your hands before proceeding? I guess not but maybe those people who don’t have the Pogo Sketch stylus will.

Pogo Sketch stylus is a small, lightweight and stylish tool for those who want write on their iPhone or iPad. This tool comes in pink or silver, and it’s made of an aluminum alloy, which feels sturdy and looks sleek when you hold it in your hands. The tip glides easily over the surface of your iPad or iPhone display, and it makes using the stylus comfortable and fun. However, you might feel that you have to press harder when you use it than you would with your fingers, but this feeling will soon be gone as you use this stylish tool on a day to day basis.

Another advantage of this stylus is that you can use it even if you have longer nails or you are wearing gloves. This doesn’t mean that you have to use this tool only during winter, but this is a situation where it is really helpful. You can answer calls and surf the web all while you can keep your hands toasty.

In addition, the Pogo Sketch features a handy clip, so that you will always have it at hand when you need it. You can fit the clip over your shirt, book bag, or you can hang it off of the pouch case.  The loop on the top is for hanging it from your neck, or any place where it can be hanged.

This product is available for $14.95, and you can buy it as a gift for your friends also, since it is affordable.