When you look at a cork board, your first thought might be: ‘Ooops! I forgot’. Well this is when the BugMe application comes into the picture. The app, created by Electric Pocket, is an unusual one. It uses the visual cork board to recreate the feeling of stickies from Mac. That app is a very useful one, but BugMe might be a little more improved. It is for both iPhone and iPad, so you’ll have it in your pocket.

As you launch the app, the first thing you will notice is a cork board with a yellow sticky ‘New Note’. This is what the app is for. You can create notes on the yellow background, or you can change the background color to your favorite one. The corkboard has a set of icons on the bottom that will help you customize the note. You have a paintbrush, eraser tool, an icon that calls up your palette for choosing your color and stroke width. There is an option to activate the standard iPad keyboard. This is a must since you will type content into your note. Every note can have a personalized background if you choose a color or an image from your photo album.

As the sticky is created, the options are to leave it on the corkboard and set an alarm (this will bring up the note in a small version) or you can email that note or post it on Twitter. We love that feature.

For those who are very busy, it’s recommended that you use the note on your home screen, so you won’t forget what needs to be done. So BugMe is a very useful app to bug you with your saved notes, providing a unique way of taking notes. And for only 99 cents it is an app you can’t afford to be without.