Avatron Software has a special software developed called Air Display. As the name already suggests it is about your iPad being used as another display. This application allows users to use their multitouch iDevice as a second monitor for their Mac. This app works by transmitting data via Wi-Fi.

Air Sharing HD was previously launched by Avatron and now with the Air Display they have created a great way to work a Mac and the iPad together.

The base idea of the Air Display is the multitasking. Since those people who have an iPad are really active ones, multitasking is a common word in describing how they work. So this is what Air Display is about: while you are editing your documents now you can place the tools on the iPad – both landscape and portrait mode – as the second monitor and you will enjoy the clear screen of your Mac.

In order to have this working, both devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi network. This is the main idea; the rest is up to you. You can move the extra tools that may get in the way of your work to your iPad; it’s a great companion to your work.

The Air Display app is available in the App Store for $9.99