It’s so exciting to be pregnant! Every woman loves this period when the whole body is changing and a new life is forming inside. When you find out that you are carrying a baby, in addition to the pure joy, you will be looking for information about the baby. This app, mommy to be, was created by my3dots. It is a really helpful application, which will help every pregnant woman track her pregnancy.

The application home screen shares info about how many weeks you are into, the baby’s size and length, and even a meter to see your progress. This is important, since every future mommy is interested in this kind of information. They are curious about the baby’s growth, and the most important steps of the pregnancy.

mommy to be features a new photograph – some of them taken by professional photographers – each week. Although these photos are beautiful, the only bug is that mommies will expect photos about how the fetus looks at a particular time. Not just cute pictures.

However the mommy to be application is helpful for first time moms, because it features useful information about every stage of the pregnancy. There are 42 articles for each section ‘You’ and your body, ‘Your baby’ and the tips will guide every mom during the three trimesters. In addition, there is a flexible notepad for memorable moments, important appointments and a calculation of the expected delivery date (you will enter the first day of your last period and cycle length – or you can enter it yourself after consultation with your doctor).

mommy to be is an app that every first time mom should have and it costs only 4.99, available in the App Store.