Chris Lundie has developed an application that allows you to browse the photos that have been posted to Twitter. This standalone application is a hybrid one for the iPad and the iPhone, and it supports Twitpic, Twitgoo, Tweetphoto and Yfrog. These are the five most popular photo-sharing services on Twitter.

Linkdew displays photos against a black background like a gallery. If you find something interesting, you can start a slideshow from the gallery view. Tapping on a photo will bring up the original tweet it is connected with and not the photo. You can view the photo in full screen in your web browser, like Safari. You can also re-tweet the photo to your followers.

However, one missing feature of the LinkDew applications is that you cannot post from it, and you can only re-tweet these photos that you have found, you cannot attach your own comments either.

Another missing feature of the application is the search option, and you cannot search for photos by date posted or by Twitter account. The aim of the application is to display recent photos, but LinkDew isn’t as interested in older photos—or at least not as much as we might find them.

LinkDew runs on the iPhone and the iPad as well. Although there are no issues with none of the devices mentioned above, it seems like the iPad screen makes it more enjoyable because the photos you browse look stunning there.

The application costs $2, which when you consider the lack of useful features, as mentioned above, it might be a little too much. However, having this application on the iPad is an astonishing way to scroll through recent Twitter photos.