uBreakiFix.com claimed in the past few days to have received the iPhone HD front panels. The pleasant surprise is that they have published some photos of it, and they are both black and white. However, in the meantime a Chinese e-commerce site has published some photos of the upcoming iPhone front panels, too. Although the photos look the same at a glance, if you look at them carefully you can see differences between them.

White next-generation iPhone rendering from Seraphan

The front panels published on both sites show the exact same physical feature that can be found above the earpiece and uBreakiFix assumes that this is the iPhone’s proximity sensor. This is a bit surprising since the iPhone 3GS’s proximity sensors are hidden under the glass and are nearly invisible. It is even more interesting that this feature, which has leaked out now was never present on the previously presented iPhone leaks in the past few months.

Apple was playing with the thought of white front panels since the introduction of the iPhone 3G back in 2008, but they decided to limit the color to the back side of the device’s body.

After you see the black and compare it to the white device, it’s becoming obvious why it has gained so much publicity. This new iPhone has an extraordinary and stylish look. I am looking forward to seeing it in Steve Jobs’ hands during the upcoming WWDC.