Anyone who has an iPad loves its many features and the glossy screen. As an iPad user, you know that every application you have on your iPhone works on the iPad, too. However, the problem begins – or should I say – the charm breaks down when you start zooming in and out. When you zoom in, the image gets pretty grainy.

FullForce is a tool that will take care of this zoom issue. It works through your settings panel in a new Extensions section. It will list all of your applications and you can simply toggle them on and off. There are compatibility problems with lots of applications, but you can choose free iPhone applications formatted for iPad goodness.

If you are looking for a compatibility list you can access one by tapping on the Compatibility list link. It will open a Google Document, and you can see the full list with extra information. If you have solved an issue, you can let others know about it by updating the list with the information. The common apps like Facebook, Beejive and Reeder format very well, but there are some apps like Doodle Jump that simply don’t format right. These issues will hopefully be solved with future updates.