Dusty Roads Media has developed My Spot Pro to help iPhone users keep their friends up-to-date with their location. The app allows users to send the information—more precisely the location—to any email address.

How does it work?

You will be located by your friends with the use of this tiny application for only $1.99, which will send the GPS coordinates and an address (if it can) along with a link to your location on Google Maps. An extra feature is that you can add an audio message and a picture of the spot where you are located. This is how My Spot Pro becomes a helpful tool instead of just a fun one because it can be useful when you want your friends to know where you are. You don’t have to call them one by one, you can just send an email.

When the app determines your current location, it uses GPS, but if you have an older iPhone or iPod Touch then Wi-Fi signals and cell tower triangulation will be used to determine you location. Of course you always have the possibility to manually enter your location.

The interface is a clear and informative one, and everything you need is at hand. Open the app, and you will find a map of the location, a panic button, a compass, and a bar across the bottom of the screen with information about the current GPS coordinates. A tap on that bar will reveal all the My Spot Pro buttons, which are like speed dial buttons. The panic button is for emergency situations, and it’s very useful, especially if you need to inform people (authorities) constantly about your location.

My Spot Pro is a really useful app that will let you share information and photos, even audio clips of your location, so maybe it’s time for everyone to have a smartphone.