The (inner) Jedi can now be awakened! Lightsaber Unleashed is now available from TheMacBox and that’s where the fun begins. As a Star Wars fan now you have a tool: the virtual lightsaber will unleash the Jedi in you. As a child you just played at the idea of being a Jedi. With this app, you can really feel that.

The fun begins, when you choose which Jedi to become. There are sixteen different characters from the gorgeous movies that you can choose from and that will change your lightsaber design as a result.

You have full screen mode, where you have your entire screen filled. Swing the iSaber and you’ll hear special lightsaber sound effects, which are choreographed with your movements. Additional Star Wars music, which can be played in the background, will only deepen the experience.

You can also create a custom Jedi also, by choosing the lightsaber design, and writing a short bio. The top feature of the app is the two-player simulated combat. This can be played via Bluetooth, and it represents another Star Wars experience.

Although the app isn’t a real game it is fun to have it and play with it. It is compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iPhone 3.0 software update or later.