Comcast Labs introduced a prototype of a web-based new application that will make your iPad a great tool for sharing TV shows with your friends. It’s fun to have an iPad, navigate to Facebook or Hi5 and see your friend’s new pictures and videos, but what about sharing a show that you are watching in the exact same moment you are seeing it?

Comcast Labs has made it possible to do exactly that. I developed an application, the Xfinity Remote that lets you search your favorite shows and movies on TV and video on demand. With this app, you can use your iPad to do all that, including changing a channel on the cable box.

Xfinity Remote is an easy to use, simple application with a clear user interface that lets users find easily what they are looking for, the content they want to see. Chat and share recommendations is included in the app, and this makes it a “social remote”, since it’s integrated with existing social networks. Interactivity to watch TV steps to another level and the multi touch experience of the iPad makes it great! On top of it, what makes the Xfinity Remote a 100% social remote is its ability to invite friends to watch what you are viewing. That’s pretty cool.

However, the developers are working on the app to finish it and make it ready for launch. We are waiting for the moment to come.