24 million iPhone HD units will be shipped starting in June, says Ming-Chi Kuo, a Digitimes senior analyst, citing sources from the Taiwan-based manufacturer, Foxconn.

The new generation iPhone will adopt in-plane-switching (IPS) panels with fringe-field switching (FFS) display. It features a huge display with 960×640 resolution. The panel comes from Prime View International and the display is supplied by LG. However, this isn’t something that surprises us, since there were rumors started by the Daring Fireball, who dared to whisper that Apple leaves behind HTC and Nexus One. But this is what we are used to hearing, since creativity is something Apple has more than the other manufacturers, with their 854×480 displays.

With the FFS technology, users will enjoy the wider viewing angle of the new generation iPhone and the clearer visual quality under sunlight.

The big news here is that the smartphone will run the Arm Cortex A8 processor and features 512 MB RAM, supplied by Samsung Electronics. The additional RAM will be necessary if users would like to use the long awaited multi-tasking feature of the OS 4.0. This comes to contradict the recent iPhone news about the prototypes found. Maybe photoshopping has become a new trend.

In order to improve battery life, they decreased the iPhone’s panel by 33% to permit more space and a larger battery that comes from Simpli Technology and Dynapack Technology according to the Digitimes analyst, Kuo.

The shipment will be made in two parts: 4.5 million units in the first 15 days of the month and rest shipment of 19.5 million units during the rest of the year.