You remember how Twitter began? They transformed blogging into micro-blogging. The brand new iPhone application, the Anttenna is going to have some influence on classified advertising. What the free application does is simple. It reinvents the previously mentioned advertising as micro-listings. So now that we have micro-blogging, next is the era of micro-listings?

The advantage of the app is that it delivers a real-time, location aware and mobile consumer to consumer and business to consumer listing’s marketplace for the selling, bartering or buying of services or goods. Imagine; since it is available now across the United States and even Canada, the application offers you a lot of advantages, like connecting buyers and sellers using a platform already known from Twitter.

What does it do?

Anttenna made some important steps in the classified ads area. It uses the opportunities offered by Smartphones and turns classified listings into geo-tagged, twitter-sized micro-listings. This is how Anttenna connects people in the nearby area through their devices. The application lets buyers to find in seconds the services or items they are looking for. This even includes concert tickets or lost pets, or any other things you have seen listen in traditional classified ads.

The application comes with integrated chat. This feature is important and very useful because you don’t have to reveal your personal information like phone number or email to have this quick conversation. You can choose to do that in a further step, but first you can chat and send questions to each other, and even finalize the transaction. Anttenna also provides directions between the user’s current location and the nearby items for sale.

Anttenna can be downloaded for free.