Picnics, baseball and days by the pool are fast approaching as summer is near. Relaxation is the word of the day, and you can enjoy these activities in the warmth of sun and keep you iPhone charged at the same time. There is a new charger available now, developed by Dexim, the DCA19 P-Flip. This is a solar powered battery and fits on the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Okay, this isn’t the first device to harness the power of the sun for energy, but the newly released P-Flip offers some features that you will really enjoy.

Let’s take a look at this accessory. First it boosts the talk time to 8 hours. If you play games or watch lots of videos you can enjoy them up to 15 hours. And, the audio playback time can be extended up to 60 hours. This can be achieved with the 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery. When you open the P-Flip, two camouflage-colored solar panels get revealed. These feed your iPhone, and convert the power of the sun into entertainment power. The advantage of the charger is that it takes about 15 hours of sun exposure to fully charge and after that the fun begins. Another function of the charger is that you can use it as a foldable stand for your iDevice, so you can view it either in portrait or landscape mode.

The DCA19 P-Flip is available online at SkyMail for $79.95. This price might not be available for everyone, but those who see themselves using this kind of charger while enjoying summer time activities, will enjoy the charger’s advantages.