If you have bought an iPad recently (and I’m sure of that, since it was launched just a few weeks ago), and you would like to retain the rights to own it, than you must forget to install the  Animal Hide and Seek Adventure for iPad. This game developed by Awesome Giant is a great way to entertain yourself, and your toddlers and pre-schoolers. While you are the owner of the device, your kids will keep coming to borrow it to play this well developed game. Animal Hide and Seek is a fun and great way to keep you busy. It features original music composed by Johnny Sangster. The game has three different adventures to navigate; you or the kids can play Hide and Seek in the jungle, ocean and the circus.

Choose the adventure at the end of the game and an eye catching scene will appear with hidden animals accompanied by great music. In order to find the animals, there is a list on the bottom of the screen to show you the hiding animals. When you find an animal simply tap on it, and it will perform for you (or your kid). If didn’t find a particular one, tap on it on the bottom list and you will see it moving in the picture above.

As you will find out, the kids won’t let you come close to the device you recently bought. The 12 levels will keep them on the iPad for hours and hours, since the app gives consistent feedback and provides quality entertainment. Each time a level is finished the player is rewarded and the kids love it. Enjoy this fun and interactive game for only $1.99 available in the App Store.