When you purchased an iPhone you knew that you didn’t buy a professional camera, but still, the desire for great pictures was there. Still it’s very useful, because it’s always there with you, and with the improvement of the iPhone 3GS you can take good pictures. Although there are some missing features such as flash, zoom, and shutter timer.

CocoaTek has the answer for these missing features with its Camera One application. It helps you forget about those missing details. Camera One features a simple and intuitive user interface. When you start it, on the top of the screen you will find a toolbar that you can swipe left or right to show all the features this application has. On the bottom of the screen you will find all of the contextual buttons and the enabled features.

If you want to take better photographs, Camera One lets you do that with 8 additional features. First you have a digital zoom. Of course that will not influence the quality of your picture, but it’s good to have. Another feature is the digital flash. This lightens the images you have taken by processing after you take the picture. When it comes to group shots, the Camera One’s shutter time is a perfect choice. The app lets you set the timer to snap a picture in two, five or ten seconds after the button is tapped. In addition you have an anti-shake feature, sound activated shutter, black and white, vivid or sepia mode.

In other words, for only 99 cents you have every tool to take the best pictures you can with your iPhone.