What happened there at Apple we don’t know, but one thing is certain according to a Vietman-based Apple fan site — another iPhone HD was revealed.

Taoviet.vn – which is offline now – presented some pictures of the upcoming 4th generation iPhone prototype. The result of the comparison with the previously presented prototype is that this device seems to be closer to production. Engadget noticed that it lacks the pair of screws around the dock connector port and now has clear information about the capacity at 16GB. The previously presented prototype had only XXGB. Of course there is more to be revealed, because the back of the unit has placeholder information at this time.

They disassembled the prototype and as a result they found what may be the same Apple designed A4 processor that you can find in the iPad, although the markings on the chip aren’t quite the same. The images also display the N90 moniker, which is – according to John Gruber from the Daring Fireball – the code name of the next generation iPhone. The micro-SIM card is the same as the iPad’s, and you can easily recognize the same LED camera flash as the unit Gizmodo had.

We don’t know how the managed to acquire the prototype, but one translation says that they paid $4,000 to get it. It looks like the price is dropping for the prototypes, since Gizmodo paid $5,000 for the device.

With two prototypes revealed, you might think that there will be no more surprises at the big launch. However, there are many open questions, so we still look forward to the official launch.