With the purchase of an iPad there are many things you will have to get used to. New customs are going to be born because there is a new device that will influence your life. The multi-touch experience is great, but you will also want to experience great comfort. As you might have noticed already, as you are using your iPad you are looking for comfort. Quirky, an e-commerce site has an accessory for the iPad designed for users to achieve more comfort and better communication with their device. The Cradle lap desk has been launched to help you get more comfortable with the iPad.

The lap desk is made from bamboo plywood with a foam cushion underneath. The design includes an integrated circular plate made from matte, soft-touch plastic. This will allow you to rotate your device between portrait and landscape views. It has really compact dimensions at 21in wide x 4 in tall x 13 in deep x ¼ in thick.

The Cradle can be pre-ordered now at a cost of $52.50