The Fieldrunner is a very popular game for the iPhone. The developers, Subatomic Studios, hope that this will continue with the iPad.

You may be familiar with this game from the iPhone. If that’s the case there won’t be many surprises, just one major difference. The graphics and the detail-level take advantage of the iPad’s large screen and better resolution. This means a huge step in game improvements and huge difference between the two games. Just launch the game and the battlefield acts like a real one as you build the towers to fight against the robotic enemy forces. As you defeat one enemy, you will get cash to upgrade your tower to a better one or purchase more towers. Your survival depends on the number of enemies that penetrate the defenses below a threshold number. Five different maps with a variety of entrances, exits and obstacles and 8 towers are available for you during the game.

The iPad’s large screen has its benefits such as easier placements of the towers and easier management (less zoom in and out). All of makes the game much more enjoyable.

This game is a great game to start with if you are a beginner in this kind of (tower-defense) game. However, the iPad’s unique gameplay will be released with future updates. Fieldsrunners for iPad is compatible with iPad running the OS 3.2 update or later.