Skype 2.0 for iPhone released!

Skype has some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you can call Skype to Skype on the AT&T 3G data network. Restrictions on cell data usage have eased, and AT&T has allowed VoIP apps to …

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The next generation iPhone 960×640 display confirmed

As the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) approaches, we’re learning more and more about the next generation iPhone – including some things we already knew.

For example, the 960×640 display we’ve suspected for several months has been confirmed by the …

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Bing to have its bang?

Sources say that Google has to share the search option with Bing on the next generation iPhone.

Although this rumor is not yet confirmed, let’s take a look about what kind of info is available. The final word will be …

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Do you need insurance service from AT&T for the iPhone for $13.99 per month?

According to BGR (Boy Genius Report) AT&T is set to introduce an insurance program for the iPhone, regarding the hardware. This will allow users to protect themselves against costs that come up when the hardware fails after the warranty, or …

Pogo Sketch stylus

The iPad and the iPhone are made for you to use your fingers to interact with them. But what happens if you are eating or doing some yard work or something else that makes your fingers really dirty. When your …

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Air Display – The Multitasking Experience

Avatron Software has a special software developed called Air Display. As the name already suggests it is about your iPad being used as another display. This application allows users to use their multitouch iDevice as a second monitor for their …

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BugMe for iPad

When you look at a cork board, your first thought might be: ‘Ooops! I forgot’. Well this is when the BugMe application comes into the picture. The app, created by Electric Pocket, is an unusual one. It uses the visual …

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mommy to be – An App For Every First-time Mom

It’s so exciting to be pregnant! Every woman loves this period when the whole body is changing and a new life is forming inside. When you find out that you are carrying a baby, in addition to the pure joy, …

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Aurora Crystal iPhone Dock: For Those 999 People with Excess Cash

Calypso CrystalDock for iPhone and iPod Touch enriches the line of luxury Mac accessories. These docks are made in Europe out of lead crystal glass, where the crystal making method has a history of 300 years.

In order to buy …

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Photos on Twitter? Browse them with Linkdew

Chris Lundie has developed an application that allows you to browse the photos that have been posted to Twitter. This standalone application is a hybrid one for the iPad and the iPhone, and it supports Twitpic, Twitgoo, Tweetphoto and Yfrog. …

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