It is April the 30th, the time of the Spirit has come. There will be no more limits, no more secrets – the new iPad 3G is released today and Apple fans will finally get their chance to put their hands on the new iDevice.

The funny thing is that we get used to the idea of the jailbreak coming as the device is released. And we are waiting for it. Apple launches the iPad and shortly after that, ‘Spirit’ will pay a visit. They have a chat and everything is alright. The userland jailbreak is on. However, these userland jaibreaks can cause some terrible headaches for Apple, since they expose the OS weaknesses even for non-jailbroken devices.

Why do we wait for Spirit to come?  Because Spirit is the positive figure in our iLife:

– it is an untethered jailbreak

– it works on all devices – iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 3G

– it requires your device to be activated or hack-tivated.

‘Spirit’ is going to be released very soon according to the Dev-Team Blog. So keep your eyes posted for the latest news. I am counting the minutes already. Are you?