The Korean LG Innotek will be the supplier of the next generation iPhone, Apple’s next generation smartphone, reported the Chosun. The report explains that the Korean electronics component maker in April began producing the sophisticated cameras at its plant in Gumi, and will begin mass production in July.

The Chosun report comes to contradict some rumors regarding the camera manufacturer. At the end of last year, DigiTimes issued information that OmniVision, the supplier of CMOS image sensors for the iPhone 3GS, expected to see demand for its sensors in iPhones grow exponentially – to 45 million – after it closed a deal to supply the 5 megapixel camera for the 4th generation iPhone.

The camera upgrade form 3.2 megapixels to 5.0 megapixels comes together this year with a camera flash. This part is not yet sealed or at least not made public, but in January Apple was shopping around for LED camera flash components and may have settled on Philips’ LUXEON LED camera flash technology.

Since that rumor, there was a leak and there are several signs and some evidence that supports those claims, such as the presence of camera flash functions in Apple’s pre-release builds of iPhones OS 4.0.

A few days ago when Gizmodo published the pictures and description regarding the found iPhone HD, the pictures where the device gets undressed bring more evidence about a front facing camera that will work with a mobile version of Apple’s iChat video conferencing software. This feature will debut with the launch of the 4th generation iPhone.