Delicious, unique, visually stunning — this is how Italian recipes can be characterized. Now these recipes can be in your pocket if you download the latest, updated Italian Cooking application developed by Buenavista Studio.

Italian Cooking is the perfect partner in your kitchen, while you are shopping or traveling. The application takes you on a culinary journey with Günter Beer and Ingeborg Pils in Italy.

It’s not just an ordinary application; it’s something you can use every day to refresh your recipes. However, if you are on a trip and just entered a restaurant, this app can be really handy. It can help you decide which dish to order. Pick up your iPhone and you will find a detailed and richly illustrated explanation of the food. In addition, you will find information about where the dish originated, what’s special about it and the ingredients used by the chef.

Italian Cooking can be used as a cookbook, but it’s more than that: it can be used as an encyclopedia and culinary travel assistant. It contains the 43 most interesting dishes eaten between Bolzano and Messina.

When you purchase the updated application you will find interesting and hand selected Italian recipes, and more than 500 photos. In order to choose from the best dishes there is a photo slide show. When it comes to cooking, the application features easy-to-follow, detailed, step-by-step instructions. You will also find information on Italian cuisine products and a glossary with a quick overview along with translation help.

Italian Cooking now has 192 translations which can be used in restaurants. It doesn’t require an internet connection. You can have this application worldwide for $4.99 from the App Store

Italian Cooking