Time management and organizing have become keywords these days. When you are in college, your schedule contains classes, various assignments, tests and many other deadlines. In addition to those requirements, you want to find time for fun, so there is an application called Class Notes developed by InterThread Software. This app will let you do all of that. When you need more than just a calendar, Class Notes enters the picture.

So how does it work?

Launch the app and you will have eight sections to choose from. At this moment, you choose Class Organizer. This is the meeting zone, because all information you enter into the application will be here. And as it’s named, it will let you organize your day. You can add courses with their title, instructor, location, website, and schedule.

After entering the information, you can edit them. You can open and add notes about the class, professor or classmates, and you eventually add contact information. Since this app is for students, there is room for entering information about all of your assignments and tests. This assignment view allows you to browse your projects and tests, and will remind you of upcoming exams.

When you are ready with the data entry part, Class Notes offers you several options to view the details. You can see an overview of your schedule through a timetable, or you can see all the notes saved for classes. Some might think that Class Notes is mostly for students, but it proves to be a very powerful tool for teachers, too.

One limitation is that the app supports only full hour and half hour timetables. I look for this to be fixed in the next update.

Class Notes is available in the App Store for only 99 cents.

Class Notes