Uncommon Results for Uncommon Customization With Uncommon Quality

Cases are a dime a dozen.  Some are soft, others hard.  Some texturized, others smooth.  Some are rubber, others are hard plastic, but almost all of them are designed and made to look the way the manufacturer designs them, leaving you to choose what suits you best from their limited choices.   Well, no more.

For those of you who like cases, I have an “Uncommon” product for you.  The Company Uncommon, is your ticket to an unbelievable ability to customize your case for just about any device.  But for this article, I will be referring to the iPhone.  Uncommon was gracious enough to provide me with a case for my iPhone.  My initial contact with them was actually for the iPad case (which will be upcoming soon in its availability).  I will be doing a review for that as well, but moving on… The process for getting your own custom case is pretty easy.  When logging on to Uncommon’s site, one can choose from a plethora of licensed artists’ works to be applied to any device, but where’s the fun in that when you can create your own entirely?  And the process is not only easy and entertaining, but worthwhile.  Before I get into how this all works, take a look below here:

Here you see my case in direct comparison to the actual picture used.  Now before I go on, you must excuse the poor resolution and color distortion, as I took this pic with my iPhone camera (which we all know is somewhat lackluster).  But even with this poor shot, you can see the amazing quality of image reproduction that Uncommon gives you.  I can tell you the level of detail is unparalleled and the images IRL (in real life) are identical, in fact the case’s version is even more impressive with its glossy finish, creating a deep, luscious result.  The trick?  When you engage the customization process with your own pictures, make sure they are high in resolution (around 2000 pixels).

I can tell you now when I broke my hermetically sealed packing that this case came in, the first thing I noticed was the waft of that fresh chemical/gasoline smell emanating from the packing (which is not transparent).  I stuck my hand in the bag and pulled out the case and absolutely marveled at the detail, finish and quality.  This is a hard Polycarbonate thin case that is so snug on the phone that it is almost difficult to put on and take off.  So if you use any film protection on the back of your phone, you can forget any dream of using it in tandem with this case.  The case is two pieces, with the bottom being able to be removed for docking purposes.  The corners are reinforced and it is tough.  The colors you ultimately wind up with will determine how much the inevitable scoring and scratches appear, but cracking and breaking will not come easily.  I cannot speak enough about the detail that the image produces on the canvass of the case.  Nor enough about the attention to quality.  So now on to the process to create your personal jewel.

The process, as mentioned earlier, is extremely simple.  Log on to the Uncommon site, and choose your product (in this case it is an iPhone but others are available and soon cases for the iPad as well).  Click “Customize and Buy” and follow the simple instructions.  First choose the pic you want,  size it up and place it how you want it to appear on the case (Uncommon allows for you to resize and rotate your pic for an ultimate desired appearance).  Next , click “Add To Cart” and go to check out or “Save for Later” if you need to think on it a bit.  Assuming you’re ready?  Buy through any credit card, choose your shipping method and WHAM!  After $39.95 + S&H, you’re done.  I can guarantee you the most difficult part of this process will be deciding what picture you want and probably finding one the right size (around 2,000 pixels, which for those of you who aren’t clear what that means, pixels are the universal standard metric that is used to measure the size of a pic.  Like we use inches to determine a “foot”.  EG: look at the property of a pic on your computer and those numbers you see like “300 x 600” would be the size, and such an example is obviously NOT 2,000).  Everything else is a cake walk.

So if you want something really distinctive and “uncommon” protecting your iPhone?  Don’t be like the rest of the unwashed masses.  Be unique and Uncommon.  Make a case for yourself at Uncommon.