When you plan your vacation, there is one little application that has to be there. It is the Trip Journal, introduced by iQapps. This app is designed to capture the places you go and all the great events and attractions you see.

Just imagine your long awaited trip to Europe. You will be able to use your Trip Journal and share all of your trip highlights with your friends.

Start by creating a new trip, name it and set the trip’s starting point. You can do it manually or you use the iPhone’s built-in GPS.

After this, the fun begins. Trip Journal lets you track every part of your trip. You can create a waypoint for every place you want to highlight.  As the waypoint is created, you can choose to add photos, videos or even text notes. Use the photo library or take new pictures with the built-in camera.

As you use the Trip Journal, every moment of your trip can be recorded. Remember those journals that sailor’s wrote? This app takes it to another level, a sleek and stylish level. The app features a lot of ways to share – you can Tweet from the app, update to Facebook or upload pictures to Flickr or Picasa. Another feature is the Google Earth export that will let any of your friends see – using Google Earth – where you are exactly at that moment. That is real time trip sharing.

The app is available in the App Store for only 99 cents.

Trip Journal