Focalware, being introduced by Spiral Development, is an app that is designed to calculate the position of the sun or moon no matter where you are and what time is it. If you are a photographer, then you might do these calculations every day. With the release of this app, you will be able to do this much easier.

When you see a beautiful picture, you may not think about the preparation phase. Professional photographers and those dedicated to the best photo possible; do take this preparation into consideration. Outside photos can be impacted greatly by the location of the sun. If you want to take a sunset photo in Miami, Paris or Bradford, you can use this app to determine the best time to take the picture.

So how does it work?

Open the app; and you will find three rings and an adjustable dial. The outer ring is the compass. The inner ring shows the position of the sun or moon, and the center ring shows the azimuth degrees. Dragging the sun right or left will change its position in the sky.

When initially opened, the app defaults to your current location with GPS or Wi-Fi. You can also enter the location manually by selecting one of the preset cities, or you can simply touch a point on the integrated Google map. After setting the location and date, the application shows its capabilities by displaying the sun’s elevation, azimuth, time of day it will occur, and sunrise and sunset times.

The shadow ratio number helps still photographers calculate the length of shadows at a specific time of day.

Focalware has been developed to work with all iPhone models, but a 3G model is preferred if you want to use the GPS and compass feature.

Focalware is available in the App Store for $4.99.