Imagine a situation when you have to track down an email sent months ago, or you need to find a phone call that you made to a specific contact person. Contacts Journal, an application developed by Zaal, can help you do this. It organizes you as you interact with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Having this app makes it possible to collect and track e-mails, phone calls, messages, to-do’s and favors given.

The application comes at a low price $.99, but there is also a free version  that will let you try it out: the Contacts Journal Lite.

So, how does it work? The app will ask you to import existing contacts from your iPhone when you run it for the first time. This is a rapid process that imports all of your contacts or selected individuals in just a minute. The Contacts Journal features automatic synchronization with your contacts after the import is completed. Any future modification of your contacts or the Contacts Journal will be automatically synchronized. However, this automation will not work with new contacts; you will need to import them manually.

As you select the individuals using the Contacts Journal, logs of past interactions are displayed. These can be phone calls you had, or text messages or emails you sent. This app also makes it easy to select a record to review or edit, and then send a message or make a call. Selecting the desired entry, Contacts Journal will transfer you to the appropriate built-in app and it will record a new log automatically with the date, time and type of communication. There is also an option to enter manual notes for each logged activity.

With these features included, Contacts Journal proves to be a powerful and very useful application. However, it does lack the ability to integrate with the built-in iPhone calendar. I also missed the alarms for time sensitive tasks. The developers are looking at ways to implement Push notifications for future updates.

Contacts Journal