Ninedots Talent is a developer team from Barcelona, Spain, that has released the Smash’em All game. This game features a weapon that is designed to save the world from a deadly virus that was released from a lab by accident. At the beginning of the game players wear special work gloves that will let them kill those deadly viruses. The game is fun and addictive as players use their skills to master the multi-touch experience and infinite levels. This equals a never ending gaming experience.

Smash’em All is a game for fun. As the game begins, the player has let a deadly virus escape the lab. In order to save the population, all the virus cells have to be eliminated. The cells can be eliminated as they come out from the sides of the screen. The player must wear the special glove to eliminate these cells. This can sound like an easy job, but I can assure you, it isn’t. The player must stay alert and be ready to react very quickly to kill all the virus cells that appear.

The Smash’em All application is available in the App Store now for only 99 cents for a limited period of time. The retail sale price after that will increase to $2.99

Smash'em All