For those who like to play music there is a great variety of apps in the App Store. Still Amidio has created a futuristic and soulful app called the iHolophone. It offers effortless live performing for those who love to play with melody and rhythm.

How does it work? The app comes with a 64-bit sound engine that can generate various musical tones with touch screen controls. As a player you control the timbre of the instrument with two HoloDiscs. These are touch sensitive discs representing an octave of sound. The control is in your thumbs. Change the finger position inside the HoloDiscs and you will change the attack, vibrato, release, portamento (the slide between two pitches) and volume of the notes. You can tilt your device back or forward to bend the pitch of the note.

Amidio included 40 factory scenes with 160 factory sequencer patterns, and users can easily be creative and build their own scenes. There are 60 modern instrument sounds, and 800 hi-quality melodic and percussive sequencer samples. Changing the background image frequently will be no problem, since you have 70 background image.

You can opt for the full version of the iHolophone for $7, or if you just want to try it out before purchasing the fully featured app, there is a free edition you can download. It will let you play Happy Birthday to You.