Everyone has favorite songs to listen to, but what about singing them? Smule has released Glee, an iPhone app that will let you sing along to your favorite songs with the cast of Glee.

The app is coming with your favorite songs like ‘Rehab’ or ‘Somebody to Love’ or ‘I’ll Stand by You’ so you can sing along with the cast. You will have the lyrics and the actual soundtrack. When you feel ready to stand out from the crowd, Glee lets you do that. You can record the song you sang and share it through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or the Smule Sonic Network.

What can you do if you want to sing a song along with your friends? The developers have thought about multiple voices, too. Glee Club makes that an easy task; just invite your friends to join you. The app lets you create a virtual club where everyone can meet. When your friends have joined the club, let them record their version and all the voices will be combined and harmonized. As a result you will hear an actual Glee Club song.

There will be users who can’t sing. Glee will correct their pitch and enhance their voice to sound like they are part of the show.

The app is available in the App Store for only $2.99.

Glee Karaoke