In the past, tracking expenses has been a task that lots of people avoided. Now, with the release of the ProOnGO for the iPhone, those days are gone. Anyone who needs to track their expenses from a mobile device can do so with this application. You can say good-bye to the tedious task of entering your expenses at your computer.

Keeping track of regular expenses and time are the ProOnGo apps’ favorite tasks. You can record an expense using the iPhone 3GS’s camera. Snap a picture of the receipt and the application’s receipt reader will do most of the work for you. All you need to do is fill in the merchant name, date and dollar amount.

ProOnGo ships with the ability to complete15 free receipt reads. After you have used those, you can purchase more with the subscription plans. These plans range from $3 to $5 a month and come with 30 to 50 reads.

After you take the picture of the receipt, basic editing tools pop-up, so you can rotate, pan, zoom, and even hide personal details, before you choose to upload to the ProOnGo servers. When this is done, the app will check with you to make sure the details have been recorded correctly. It then fills in the numbers for you. If you choose not to subscribe to the reader service, entering the information yourself takes only seconds.

ProOnGO also tracks your mileage. Just use your current location as the starting point of your trip, and simply put it back in your pocket. When you’ve arrived, open the application and use the GPS to fill in the destination. The mileage gets automatically calculated and the final amount of money shown is based on the information you entered on the rate per mile.

When it comes to time expense, you can enter a title and an hourly rate. The current time is set as the starting time. When finished, open the ProOnGo Expense app, it will automatically enter the current time as the end time and calculate the dollar amount.

The ProOnGo app is available in the App Store for free.