Bruised Fruit As Apple Seemingly Smarts From A Catastrophic Marketing Mistake

It seems someone at Apple is going to lose their job and in this economy, that can’t be good.  Apparently someone who had their hands on a new iPhone prototype foolishly lost it in a bar in Redwood City and it found its way into Gizmodo’s Hands, as can be seen in this extremely revealing article:

In the article they give not only explanation as to how it was lost, but they even reversed engineered it and by the pro’s at Gizmodo’s opinion, the chances of this being a red herring is so remote that someones head is going to roll for this at Apple.  According to Gizmodo, they put out serious feelers with their sources regarding the legitimacy of this “iPhone” and found that Apple did in fact lose a prototype and that Apple wants it back…Desperately.

Well, seems to be too late now.  The cat is out of the bag.  The new iPhone will be using a Micro-Sim Card, has improved camera functions and a flash.  Has a Face Front Camera as well and the internals are littered with “Apple” printed on all the components, and when hooked up to a computer, it responds exactly as an iPhone should.  So it seems we have been blessed with a clear look as to what is coming next.  Their mistake is our gain, but instead of my continuing to bloviate over this with my personal editorials, I suggest you follow the above link to the actual article and read for yourself.

All I can say is “Ooops!”