Most people need a special event to anchor their goals: New Year’s Eve, Easter, Monday or the beginning of the Month, and the list continues.

Apollo Innovations have developed an application that helps you in setting a goal and achieving it. We are talking about realistic goals, of course. Pocket Coach is a simple and sweet application for iPhone, which basically asks the three essential questions:

– What do you want to accomplish?

– When do you want to accomplish it?

– What do you need to achieve it?

So write down your goals and weather you choose to finish them in 30, 60 or 90 days. Pocket Coach works very simply: it reminds you twice a day (or the times you set it up) to set aside time for your goals, and reflect upon them. You can do that in a positive manner. Read materials and visualization exercises. You can create stepping stones on a calendar provided be Pocket Coach.

Since the app helps you in achieving your goals, provides some inspirational readings or list of affirmations. Overall the app is a useful one with attractive features that help you get things done.

It is available in Apple’s App Store for only $2.99!

Pocket Coach