Those who travel or commute – mainly students or simply curious people – can have a history class on their iPhone. The Cold War in an Hour has arrived from ePublisher, Collca.

The application has no means of diverting your attention: there are no embedded links, nor daunting books of five hundred pages plus a forty page introduction. History in an hour is straight to the point, simple facts, one hour and you’re done. It is the basics and if you are interested you can sink into details by buying eBooks or books, videos etc to explore further.

Rupert Colley is known for his impressive library of history books. After he saw that this huge library of his doesn’t awaken much interest in people, he spotted this gap in the market.

He captures his readers with the straight narrative and introductory information about the forty-five years of history.

Curiosity is the elemental key in this app: as many other people, I want to know what happened during that period of time in history, but I don’t want to read through five hundred page books in order to get the information.

The strength of the app is that it guides the user through important historical moments.

The application is available in Apple’s App Store for only $4.99

Cold War in an Hour