G.P. Imports has launched a one dollar application, for those who are lousy iPhone manual dialers. Or for those who frequently dial numbers that aren’t in their address book.

The application, Camera Dialer, does what its name says; dials phone numbers printed on business cards, signs, buildings and web pages without manual dialing. Just capture the phone number with your camera and the application does the rest.

When the application is launched, users enter the device’s camera mode. It doesn’t matter if the phone number is on the television, computer screen, or printed on paper; the app recognizes the numbers and places the call. The only thing users have to do is focus the number inside the green rectangle.

This is the apps only function. As any other application for iPhone, personal settings are available. There are controls for the number of digits; the default setting is 10 digits for Americans, but this might differ for other places around the globe. Another control that is available is whether you want to confirm the phone number before the app starts dialing.

During testing the app showed itself to be very precise, the only issue was with a handwritten phone number. Inevitably, warts and all, it’s up to the individual user to decide whether to use the app. Camera Dialer showed its functionality but the questions is; can you dial the numbers yourself? Or do you want to have an app to do that for you? If you want to try this app on your device, then price of  $1 isn’t too big an investment whether you use it frequently or not.

Camera Dialer